Next Door Studios – Michael DelRay & Seth Knight – Revealing Fortune


Seth Knight isn’t having a great day. He’s presently stewing in his bed, avoiding some weirdo clinger, but the stars are aligning for Seth’s future, and very soon, best buddy Michael Del Ray will walk through his door, read him his horoscope, and promptly fuck his brains out. Oh look, here’s Michael now, swinging his big dick and ready to gag Seth with it before bending him over and fucking all the frustration out of him. But after that, it will be Seth’s turn, and Michael will show that he’s a giver and a taker, as Seth inches his bareback cock deep inside him, taking out his problems on Michael’s hole before emptying his cock all over him. As for Michael, now covered in cum… well, he’s got a shower in his future, and new fuck buddy for afterwards.

Format: mp4
Duration: 34:39
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Audio: 187kbps

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