Never Say Never! – Beno ,Kenny

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Release Year: 2010
Genres: Ass-Eating ,Big Dick ,Black-Only ,Cherry-Popping ,Facials ,First Times ,Gay/Bisexual ,Raw/Bareback ,Tops Taken Down
Video language: English

Ever since his solo audition, beno has insisted that he’s "strictly a top." even after months of persistent requests and offers of generous compensation, beno has stubbornly refused to get fucked.
"you definitely won’t ever see me get fucked! Trust me!" beno declared with cocky assurance in one of his previous interviews.
"never say never!" i teased in reply, but even i had serious doubts about my ability to make such a thing happen!
Recently, however, beno got into some serious debt with his good friend and roommate kenny. Both boys mess around with other guys "on the dl," but because they’re both "tops," the only thing they’ve ever done together is tag-team a guy in threesomes on a couple occasions….Until now!
Stuck between a rock and a hard place, beno reluctantly agreed to let kenny fuck him – something kenny’s been dying to do since the day they first met – in order to earn enough money to pay off his debt! Imagine my surprise and excitement when i got the call from beno early one saturday morning, telling me he was in serious financial trouble and had no choice but to take me up on my offer and let me film him giving up his ass!
Needless to say, i dropped everything to make this video-shoot happen and just a couple hours later, both boys were sitting on my futon, about to take their friendship to a whole new level!

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