Morning Wood – Fun Pack- Chapter 6


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Dr. Wolf was significantly impressed by young Oliver upon first meeting the boy in his office. His wide-eyed innocence and the intensity of his gaze reminded him so much of his introduction to Austin. Learning later that Oliver and Austin were classmates at school, the next logical step was to plan a sleepover for the boys. A mutually strong, physical attraction was already present between all three, and Austin was certainly willing to include a peer in their fun. Dr. Wolf already had an understanding with Austin’s dad, so it was just a matter of Austin inviting Oliver for the night.Seeing the two boys spooning in his king-size bed the following morning was a precious picture. They looked so small, warm, and peaceful under the layers of covers. It was almost hard to imagine he’d had his massive cock all the way inside both of their little boy holes. It would be a shame to wake them. But what better way to wake up, Dr. Wolf thinks as he gently draws the covers off Austin and kneels on the bed. The sight of the boy’s perfect, round peach has the same effect as always, making Dr. Wolf’s cock grow in his gray sweatpants. When the doctor’s large hand squeezes Austin’s ass cheek, the boy’s pink pucker flashes in the morning light.Austin rolls toward …Austin rolls toward Dr. Wolf, sporting morning wood and a smile on his face. Austin always loves waking up to the sight of the tall, handsome doctor. He knows it’s about mutual gratification, but he always feels special and safe when the big man is near. Sharing that with his sleeping friend is a bonus, and Austin gets a good view of Oliver’s ass when the doctor spreads the boy’s cheeks and presses a finger against his hole.Oliver rolls over smiling and also displaying a rigid boner. Dr. Wolf smiles back as he teases the boys’ cocks with each hand. Even as Dr. Wolf leans across Austin to suck on Oliver’s cock, Austin palms the man’s giant bulge. He’s always in awe of just how big it feels in his little hands. He used to want to grow up to be just as big as the man he admires, but now he revels in feeling smaller and needing extra hands to hold a cock as huge as Dr. Wolf’s. Maybe that’s part of why he’s so eager to share the man with a friend like Oliver. Austin pulls down the waist of the Dr. Wolf’s pants and the man’s tightly wrapped package swings free, barely concealed by the thin fabric of his briefs. It would take three hands at least to hold all of this, Austin thinks, and it’s not even fully hard yet!“You boys want to play a little bit?” the doctor asks. With a glee, the boys turn and present their asses to the tall ginger daddy in unison. They pop their butts up high and Dr. Wolf holds a cock in either hand, thumbing their balls and causing the boys to moan softly. They look back at him adoringly as he dips his thumbs into each of their holes. They wiggle their asses enticingly. The only thing that could make this more perfect, Dr Wolf thinks, is if I could penetrate them both at the same time. He can’t wait any longer. His cock is getting so hard he has to let it out. He tells the boys to turn around as he releases his monster just in front of their faces. The boys take turns cupping Dr. Wolf’s balls and giving the man head. It’s so good to see the little guys share.Dr. Wolf gets the boys to lay on their backs side by side with their feet up in the air. He presses the fat head of his cock against Oliver’s hole, and the boy starts moaning before the doctor is even inside. Austin looks at Oliver compassionately. He knows how big that meat feels, but it’s not often he gets to see the fact written across another boy’s face.Dr. Wolf leans in until he’s balls deep inside Oliver. He can feel the boy’s swollen prostate as he pushes over it and then the tightening of the boy’s deepest reaches where only he has ever gone. Oliver gasps in relief as the man pulls out slowly and then glides back in to remind him just how big he is and give the boy time to relax. As few slow strokes and Oliver is already relaxing like a good little guy. The head of Dr. Wolf’s cock pulls past the boy’s anal ring with a pop.It’s Austin’s turn now. No matter how many times he takes this massive cock, there’s always an initial shock when the head presses in. Austin relaxes, but his hole is so small that it’s still a tight fit. Austin’s moans sharpen when Dr. Wolf hits that deep place inside where he doesn’t think he could take another fraction of an inch. The pressure on his prostate causes the boy to leak a steady stream of precum all over his belly, right around where he imagines Dr. Wolf’s cock is hitting him.Dr. Wolf trades off between the boys, loosening them up a bit for the real fucking. Getting them both on all fours for doggy position, Dr. Wolf can pick up speed inside them one after the other until his big, heavy nuts are slapping against their taints in turns. Austin begs for it and encourages Dr. Wolf to go faster as he pops his hips back and forth on the man’s rod. Oliver takes a little more time to warm up, but he’s soon taking a page from Austin’s book and riding back against the doctor and moaning loudly in time to the thrusts. With his knowledge of human anatomy, Dr. Wolf can imagine exactly where he is inside the boy, especially as he grips the boy’s hips. Knowing his cock is plowing deep just under his fingertips is a major turn on that not many men can experience.Dr. Wolf instructs Austin to kneel behind Oliver and guides the boy’s cock into his friend’s hole. Warm and wet from the man’s giant member, Austin slides right into the gaping opening. Austin is soon moaning in tandem with Oliver and his pace is quick and eager. Austin suddenly pulls out of Oliver’s ass and sprays an impressive load of cum across Oliver’s shoulders, back, and ass before riding the post-orgasmic rush with his cock back inside Oliver’s hole. Revved up by Austin’s virile display, Dr. Wolf wants to add to the mess on Oliver’s back and takes Austin’s place.Dr. Wolf rides Oliver hard and deep with Austin laying right next to him. Austin knows when the man is ready to cum. He’s seen the look countless times. When the doctor barely seems to be breathing, grits his teeth, and plows into Oliver with irregular thrusts that make the boy moan loudly, Austin knows he’s on the edge. Dr. Wolf pulls out of Oliver with a wet sucking sound and Austin’s jaw drops as Dr. Wolf launches several ropes of hot man juice all the way up Oliver’s back to the boy’s neck!Oliver is completely drenched in cum and the trio make out among the messy sheets for a time. An exciting way to wake up indeed! No doubt the boys wonder what other fun might be in store with the whole day ahead of them. Knowing Dr. Wolf, his monster cock and enormous balls have plenty more of the man batter his little friends crave, and seeking it out is always half the fun!

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