Menoboy – Bryan Bellas se donne au rebeu Markiza


While in Paris, Bryan Bellas meets Markiza, a handsome guy he met on the set of The Climbers last summer. But following an accident of this last one, Bryan was not able to take advantage completely of the beautiful young man – except for a small threesome in the shower. He intends to make up for lost time and to enjoy the ardor of Markiza, alone this time. Without blabla, the guys start to suck each other in the corridor. Even not the time to go in the room: Bryan settles down in the armchair and lets himself be done. Then, he returns the favour to Markiza. Bryan moves his hot mouth back and forth along the stiff cock. Markiza is enjoying this good blowjob… On the dining room table, he takes advantage of this little sex-hungry slut and gets his shaft pumped for a long time. Suddenly, Markiza starts to slap Bryan’s little ass, before inserting his tongue. He literally eats his ass and, on his knees on the table bench, Bryan lets himself be done: he suddenly feels the big cock of his buddy sliding in his little ass and then the back and forth movements become faster and faster. The pleasure provoked by this big machine that penetrates him deeply makes Bryan climb up the curtains. In full form and recovered from his accident, Markiza has the intention to dismantle the little Bryan and he doesn’t let him any respite. After having fucked him well on the table, he drags him on the sofa and continues to chisel his ass. These two are tough and they know how to enjoy themselves! Finally, Bryan cum on his buddy’s belly and then Markiza sends the mashed potato in his turn, big jets of cum, signs of the total explosion they made.

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Duration: 16:29
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Audio: 125kbps

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