MenAtPlay – Wedding The Bride’s Brother


Menatplay proudly invites you to the Wedding of Hugo and Monica. However, as with most weddings, there are skeletons in the closet and family history that can turn the perfect day into a disaster. And this one is no exception.
In Part 1 we see how Hugo the groom inadvertently meets his future brother in law, Ben Brown after a wild stag party leaves him all tied up and semi-naked in the office. When Ben walks in asking for information the last thing he expects is to see the handsome executive in restraints, and sat legs astride and in his underwear on his desk. Although initially Hugo begs him to let him loose, its soon clear that Ben has other things in mind and his attention is drawn to the bulging package in front of him and the temptation is just too strong to resist.
Soon he is licking his way through the underwear and all thoughts of the forthcoming wedding disappear from Hugo’s mind.

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