Matthew Connor – From Fantasy To Nightmare – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamboyBondage

Matthew spends the night hanging by his wrists, strapped to a bondage chair, completely naked, a ball-gag shoved deep into his mouth. He’s half asleep, totally exhausted, his young body cramping, when Anthony enters. “Wake up!” he barks, slapping the boy hard across the face. Anthony enjoys his slave’s naked, nearly hairless body, then strokes his nipples with a crop. Then smack – a quick, incredibly painful blow to Matthew’s nipple. Dozens of blows follow as Matthew squirms and whimpers, his nipples and pecs turning crimson. Anthony also attacks his butt-cheeks, inner-thighs and armpits. Before you know it, Anthony’s dick is out and rock-hard. Nothing turns him on more than an innocent, blonde twink in pain. Anthony huge cock shoots a load aimed right at his boy’s nipple, coating the right side of his hot, teen-body with cum.

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