Logan And Riley – Chapter 2

Studio: Raw Fuck Boys

Riley is blindfolded, and theres a sheet between him and the man behind him. Lucky for him, the guy working his ass is Logan Carter, who knows a thing or two about pleasing anonymous cum dumps like Riley Ross.
As Riley moans in pleasure while his ass gets manhandled, Logan gets harder and harder, knowing he can do anything he wants to this guy. Ordering him to stay blindfolded, Logan flips him onto his back to fuck that hole himself.
Riley almost cums when he feels Logans abs slam against his balls, but he holds back. He doesnt want this feeling to end as Logans perfect cock hits his spot with unerring accuracy, fucking pre-cum out of his dick that makes him briefly wonder if hes cummming. But no, not yet. Riley doesnt want to shoot without an assful of cum, and Logan is happy to help this horny bottom out.

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Duration: 15:44
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Audio: 130kbps

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