Liam Over the Knee

Liam is a proud, muscular 19-year-old straight boy. At his first shoot, he hadn’t realized he was to be spanked and paddled. It was a humiliating experience for a young man such as Liam, but he endured it. Today he comes back for another shoot.
Liam knows he will be spanked today, but he didn’t know he’d be going over Tom’s knee for the spanking. When Tom tells Liam to go over his knee, you see a moment’s hesitation as Liam realizes the position he will be in. Nevertheless, Liam obeys Tom and goes over Tom’s knee as his face turns beet red.
Tom begins spanking by hand. He then has Liam stand and undo his pants. There is another quick moment of hesitation and realization as Liam considers that he will soon be lying naked over Tom’s lap.
Tom uses his hand, a belt and a paddle on Liam’s round, firm butt. Liam tries his best to remain nonchalant and keep a smile on his face, but his voice cracks as he counts off the strokes of the belt and paddle. He winces and grimaces in pain. The spanking began with Liam’s face beet red, and it ends with Liam’s ass beat red.

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