Legacy and Lil Tyga

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When he spontaneously agreed to let kenny pop his cherry a few weeks ago, legacy swore it was a "one-time thing" only and something we’d most likely never see again. Apparently cumming not just once but twice with a dick up his ass had shaken the shy black teen’s confidence and left him defending his reputation as a "top"! "i’m not a bottom!" legacy repeatedly tried to convince me in the weeks after that shoot. "but money talks!" he was always quick to add, leaving open the possibility that for the right price, we might still be able to see him taking some dick! After several weeks of stressful back-and-forth negotiations, i finally convinced legacy to pick up where he left off and give up his cute ass once again! Only this time he’d have to go even further than just being penetrated, and actually let us watch his tight ass get fucked! I assigned the lucky task of "breaking in" legacy’s near-virgin ass to lil tyga, a sexy and confident "top" with just the right attitude and dick-size for somebody as reluctant and inexperienced as legacy. See for yourself what happens when both boys meet for the very first time, and legacy’s limits are put to the ultimate test! I briefly interview legacy while lil tyga is taking a shower. Looking cuter than ever, this barely-legal black boy admits that he’s "nervous and scared" about what he’s agreed to do later on. Lil tyga gets out of the shower and i capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time. As he joins legacy on the bed, lil tyga teases the shy black teen about looking so scared. We briefly discuss what’s in store for the scene, and legacy makes sure that lil tyga knows just how lucky he is! Less than five minutes after meeting for the very first time, legacy and lil tyga are jumping right into the action. Things are understandably awkward and quiet at first as these two complete strangers get used to being intimate with each other for the very first time. Lil tyga takes the lead by helping legacy out of his clothes and slowly kissing all over the boy’s slim, sexy body. He tries his best to help legacy relax with some sensual kissing, nipple-licking, and dick-sucking. It’s hot as hell watching this sexy young "top" with legacy’s huge dick plunging in and out of his mouth…. Things really begin to heat up when lil tyga pushes legacy’s legs in the air and begins devouring the younger boy’s ass! Lil tyga has quickly earned a reputation as one of bba’s most voracious and talented ass-eaters, and this scene will leave no doubt as to why! He feasts on legacy’s sweet young ass like it’s his very last meal, tongue-fucking that tight, pretty hole as legacy gasps and squirms with pleasure stroking his huge, rock-hard dick the entire time! The boys later move into a hot "69" with legacy sucking lil tyga’s hard dick while lil tyga laps hungrily at the boy’s tasty hole, prepping it for the penetration to come. The moment finally arrives that we’ve been waiting a long time to see legacy finally giving up his ass! Lil tyga takes his time, tenderly kissing the tense, nervous teen and grinding his raw dick against legacy’s asshole as legacy lets out a slight moan and even wraps his smooth, skinny legs around lil tyga’s waist! "go slow!" legacy pleads as lil tyga rolls on a condom and pokes his hard, eager dick against the boy’s tight, near-virgin hole…. Legacy curses and cries out in pain as the head of lil tyga’s dick suddenly breaks past his stubbornly sealed hole and slowly buries itself deep in his guts. There’s lots of stopping and starting as legacy struggles to accommodate another guy’s hard dick being shoved up his ass. Eventually lil tyga is able to keep his dick inside that tight ass long enough to get a nice rhythm going, picking up speed and intensity until he’s finally pounding that ass into submission. It’s a moment that many of us have been dying to see ever since legacy’s very first scene the skinny black teen pinned to the bed and biting the pillow as he finally surrenders his cute young ass to another man’s dick! The hot sounds of butt-fucking fill the air, along with the sounds of legacy grunting and groaning in his sexy teen voice as lil tyga slams in and out of his off-limits ass…. Even with a much smaller and more manageable dick like lil tyga’s, legacy still can’t take the dick as long as i’d hoped which explains the semi-abrupt end to this scene (and the disappointing lack of a cum-shot from legacy). Still, seeing this barely-legal black boy finally get fucked is hot while it lasts! Lil tyga is able to "break in" that cute young ass in several hot positions before legacy finally "taps out," at one point even bending the boy over the bathroom sink! When legacy can’t take any more dick, lil tyga busts a nice, creamy "nutt" all over legacy’s round, upturned ass, then rubs his dick around in the mess. "how it feel, bruh?" lil tyga teases the exhausted and embarrassed teen as legacy gives him the finger, his conquered ass still covered in cum..

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