Kyle Stewart’s First Spanking Part 1


This is Kyle’s first spanking. He is a very masculine, muscular young man with a firm, round ass. As is always the case, Kyle only reluctantly agreed to a spanking. His decision was made easier because he had always been subjected to strict discipline. He readily admits that he was badly-behaved and always deserved what he got. He apparently came into to this spanking thinking it would be nothing in comparison to previous ones, but he was wrong.
Tom orders Kyle over his knee as the spanking begins. It’s immediately clear from the look on Kyle’s face that, like so many other boys we shoot, he had not expected to be in such a position. But he obeys and the spanking begins. As it progresses, Tom orders Kyle to strip and resume his position over Tom’s knee. The spanking continues by hand, with a birch and a riding crop. Kyle keeps a smile on his face, but the tears well up as the spanking begins to wear on him.

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