Justin Upside Down

Justin is a hot 21-year-old blonde boy. He was an athlete in high school and has a very muscular, lean body with a bubble butt and powerful thighs. He is one of those rare young men who, although he was not physically disciplined growing up, seems to be well-behaved, polite and respectful.
Justin didn’t know what was in store for him during today’s shoot. He didn’t know Tom was going to put him in a leather harness and restraints and suspended him upside down. He didn’t know he’d be in such a defenseless position or that every part of him would be on display.
Justin’s butt is already red and quite sore as this video begins. He could have shot his videos on separate days, but he had wanted to do the equivalent of three shoots in a single day. Tom always advises against that, but, when a boy like Justin insists, it does make for interesting videos.
Tom uses a riding crop and his hand on Justin’s firm butt. He spanks Justin hard. Justin has a hard time with it, grunting and gasping as swat after swat pushes him further and further. His butt quivers and spasms throughout much of this spanking. The humiliating position he’s in physically must be the least of his worries.

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