Justin Salvador and Cody Cash


Waking up with morning wood, Justin feels Cody’s cock through his bright green underwear, commenting on its intense thickness. Justin brings a similarly big cock out from under the covers before he begins to suck Cody’s thick cock – only being able to get half-way down onto it. He spits on it while the gold bands on his wrists jingle as he jerks off his buddy’s morning wood. Justin Salvador takes turns between rubbing Justin’s cock and sicking its tip, only a preview of what more he wishes to do with Justin’s body.
"You like that cock?" Cody asks, knowing the answer as Justin sinks his thickness deeper past his tonsils. Like a gentleman, Cody offers to return the favor, and Justin quickly agrees. Standing on his knees, his erect cock sticks out parallel to the bedcovers. Cody poses on all fours like a good fuck toy, and Justin shoves his cock into his toy’s mouth, gold chain swaying from his neck as the thick cock sinks deeper into his throat. Not afraid to assert his masculine dominance, Justin demands that Cody ‘suck that dick’ and ‘make that dick yours’ as Cody Cash chokes on cock.
He has to take deep breaths between his deep-throating dives, so Cody begins to rub his hard cock. Decidedly needing to fuck, Justin abruptly demands Cody get on his back, moving over and sticking his dick directly into Justin’s ass. No leading up to it, no hesitation, he begins to fuck Cody as he moans, head hanging off the bed. "So fucking tight." Justin feels Cody’s tight asshole. So intense is this feeling, that Cody pleads with his hand for Justin to slow down. Ignoring any requests from his play thing, Justin reminds Cody who is boss. "That’s my ass," he requires.
Cody hums between his clenched teeth as Justin pumps in and out of him, leg in the air, providing direct access to his hole. Lube glistens as Justin takes a moment to slowly admire the way his cock slides in and out so easily in this tight hole. Only before going hard again, fucking Cody’s tightness and grabbing his neck. Bareback Justin continues dominating Cody as he demands that he arch his back, giving him what he wants – just a deep hole to fuck.
The submissive slut takes Justin’s dick as he turns sideways to get a tighter angle. "Good boy," he praises as he slaps Cody’s ass hard enough to leave a red reminder of who is in charge. Justin keeps pumping Cody full of his fat cock, until he suddenly pulls out and cums all over Justin’s hairless back. Not quite finished, Cody slides his cock back into Justin’s ass to feel the tightness encompass his powerful manhood.
Laying on his back, being caressed by Justin and playing with his own morning wood, Cody blows hot, white cream all over himself, before they go grab their morning cup of coffee.

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