JustForFans – RopeTrainKeep & Mr Bradford Ep. 2


Neither of us could have accurately predicted the importance and the fun it would be for us to come together like this, but I have to say @mrbradford is solidly on my Mt Rushmore of iconic bondage loves. The physical beauty is off the charts, but what I am especially attracted to is his unique/independent spirit, and how he gave me a real opportunity to understand him, and earn his trust. His respect was never a question, but to do this well, you have to open yourself up to trust, and that means letting your guard down. For whatever reason, he was able to do that with me. And then of course, I think it is fair to say that what I do is precisely what he was sent to earth to be a part of, as a bondage kinkster, and that’s 100% what @mrbradford is. I am still shaking my head at how fortuitous it is for us both that we crossed paths and the chemistry was so ideal. Okay That, and the bondage we end up doing is insanely wonderful. He’s amazing, and he makes me look amazing. (and he also makes me look old and pudgy!! But I love that too)

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