Just The Beginning


Release Year: 2021
Genres: Bareback
Video language: English

At Easton Mountain in upstate New York, a gathering of men assembled to investigate their sex and sexuality through tantric workshops and sensual recordings – large numbers of which have been shared on Himeros.tv. During this multi day retreat, every one of these men associated profoundly with themselves and each other in manners that changed us all. The affection and backing made by this gathering of gay and sexually unbiased men felt – and feels – like something that the world aches for. It’s something that we all need.
On the last day of the retreat, an expectation was addressed carry this experience home with us all – and bring it’s difficult into our own carries on with, yet the existences of everyone around us. Without a doubt, we would all be able to reproduce the enchantment of this exceptional experience by being more present, more kind, more open and seriously adoring.
On that last day, this film was made. It was the last possibility for us all to be together, face to face.
And afterward, similar to seeds in the breeze, we as a whole headed out in a different direction. What’s more, similar as seeds, we conveyed potential as we ventured home to our separate corners of the world. Furthermore, we will water those seeds with affection and expectation, keeping the wizardry of Easton Mountain alive in our lives – and ideally yours.

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