Jeremy Fox Tops Axel Flint


Studio: Guybone

Reviews by MenSparkle: Jeremy Fox has been very popular since the day he joined Guybone. Jeremy has a super thick cock that every bottom boy dreams of. Axel Flints been lusting over Jeremy Foxs big tool for a while and finally gets a chance to take that monster up his furry ass.
Jeremy and Axel make out on the bed and quickly get each other worked up below the belt. Jeremy blows Axels hard cock and rims his hairy asshole before Axel returns the favor. Gulp after delicious gulp, Axel sucks Jeremys thick boner with skill.
Soon Axel climbs on top for his first ride on Jeremys stiff dick. Jeremy pumps his thick tool deep inside Axel cowboy and reverse cowgirl style, then he flips Axel over, pounding his cute bottom boy sideway.
The penetration shot is very pleased to eyes. Axel twists his body to an extreme angle so Jeremy can drill Axels tight hole as deep as he can. Jeremy then slam Axel and missionary with a masculine thrust. His balls slap against Axels firm butt cheeks hard and fast.
Finally Jeremy blows his most impressive load all across Axels chest. Moments later, Axel jerks his milky load out of his own dick before the two share a much-deserved congratulatory kiss.

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Duration: 30:03
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