Jaime Part 1


Jaime is a 23-year-old stud from Columbia. He’s a former paratrooper, with the flattop and muscles to prove it, but rope man Matt is indifferent to the fact that this trained soldier could him with his bare hands: In his present condition – tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded – he couldn’t hurt a fly. He looks amazing, muscles bulging through a tight A-shirt. Matt rips the shirt open revealing a perfect male torso – broad shoulders, hard pecs, big nipples, and, of course, a six-pack. Matt likes the appendectomy scar – a beauty mark on an otherwise flawless body. He wants to make this man suffer – and that’s exactly what he will do for the next several days. Matt cuts off the man’s shorts and rubs the front of his briefs, amazed by the size of the cock underneath the thin cotton. Even flaccid, it’s huge. Matt is going to savor this stud like a fine glass of wine.

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