It Hurts, Sir!

Travis has a really hard time in this video. He’s a hot straight guy who first came to us several months ago to do a spanking video. He claimed he had a high tolerance for pain and was certain he could handle a hard spanking. He was wrong. He found that first spanking so difficult to endure that we didn’t expect to see him again. However, a few months prior to this video, Travis contacted Tom and wanted to do another video. Tom told him a subsequent spanking would be harder, which Travis didn’t want. Over a month went by and Travis contacted Tom again. He said he needed a large amount of money fairly soon, and he was willing to do "anything" to get it.
"Anything" is a word Tom likes, but he finds that these boys throw it around without really meaning it. And when Tom told Travis he’d have to do both a sexual video (which will appear on our other site, RedHotStraightBoys) and a hard spanking video, Travis declined. Then, within a week, he contacted Tom again and accepted his offer.
Tom told Travis that if he wanted the amount of money he needed, he better show up looking his best. Tom was impressed when he opened the door. Travis, who showed up to his first shoot in looking like a Seattle grunge rocker, had a new haircut and was wearing slacks and a button-down shirt.
Some guys’ asses just don’t get very red, and what redness there is dissipates quickly (as is the case with Tyler). Some guys’ asses get red and bruise very easily (like Evan). Travis falls into the first group, but his ass is also very sensitive. His ass also rebounds very quickly. You’ll see that it is very red at different points in this video, but much of that redness subsides rather quickly. It’s a bad combination for him because Tom is much more likely to dismiss a boy’s whining and complaining when his ass is barely red. The result, as Travis can tell you, is a long, hard spanking.
In this video you’ll see a long, hard spanking. Tom has at Travis right away with a heavy hand. Travis is struggling with the pain of the spanking from almost the very start. At just a couple of minutes into it, he’s squirming and yelling. The intervening months had clearly dulled his memory of just how much these spankings hurt.
Tom has at Travis with an array of different implements: a riding crop, rubber paddle, large leather slapper, electric paddle, wooden spoon, ping pong paddle, plastic ruler, leather strap, small oak paddle, Wartenburg wheel, large wooden paddle, and a PVC flog. Through it all, Travis is can barely maintain his composure. Though his ass does not redden easily, he can’t handle the pain. At times you’ll see him try to remain still and stone-faced, but these efforts never last long.
This video ends with Travis asking how much more he must endure. Tom reminds Travis that he had asked for a lot of money and agreed to a very hard spanking, and warns him that if he doesn’t complete the spanking Tom has planned for him, he’ll leave with less than half of the pay he wanted.

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