Isaac & Stash Wrapped


Cast: Stash ,Isaac
Genres: Sex Act Anal Sex Fucking ,Build Lean ,Chest Smooth ,Natural ,Build Hairy ,Cock Hung ,Build Twink ,Pubic Hair Intact
Video language: English

This is one of those videos where we had a plan of action, then things justswerved the other way. Isaac says his only experience with aguy was making out with a dude at a party, while ofcourse. Most of the guys want to start of topping, and Isaac was no exception. Stash has been kicking off the videos so when I asked him to start off by doing oral, Isaac only balked a second and said, "Let’s do it." Both Stash and I kept sneaking peeks at each other and Isaac gave one heck of a good blow job for his first time out. And it sure got him hard. Then Stash saw how big his dick was getting, and between position changes he was saying he didn’t think he could take it. Isaac’s dick, has gotta be in the 9 inch range. And just like that, Isaac volunteered to bottom. And the rest of the shoot was super dreamy. We did take it a little easy on him, and Stash was great at slowly putting his dick in. Isaac even was up for Stash busting his nut on him, and the two nearly pop at the same time. Isaac will be off to foreign lands, so I hope you enjoy this hot hairy military dude.

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:04
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