Helix Soccer Team Ep 1 Caught in the Act (Giorgio Angelo, Tommy Ameal)


Release Year: 2020
Video language: English

In this new series of hot episodes, we get involved in the lives of Latino soccer players who really want to win on the field and have fun in the showers. We have exclusive access to the boys’ changing rooms. In that place full of young people with their nakedness, masculine smells, looks and spicy games … things heat up very fast. Tommy arrives at the locker room believing that he will be able to change calmly, take a shower and also, why not, masturbate when nobody sees him. The point is that Giorgio finds him right in the middle of the act. Far from being angry, Tommy invites him to suck him off and the boy eagerly agrees. The dressing room becomes the setting for your most daring fantasies. Leaning against the lockers where all the men change, these boys suck each other’s dicks and Tommy licks Giorgio’s ass, which spreads more and more until he is penetrated by the young soccer player. Then they sit on the bench, Tommy looking one way and Giorgio the other, entwined in wild sex of sweat and sportswear. It culminates in a great finish to their mouths, eager and grateful for this testosterone-filled encounter. In the next episode of "Helix Soccer Team" things get even hotter when there are three guys in the locker room. You cannot miss the trio that will take place in that public but secret place, where our players are encouraged to do everything.

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Duration: 24:25
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