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Hot tub Dominic and Zac both made their GuyBone debut in this hot as fuck bareback bone fest. Wet and wild, the Dom and his sub got soaked and stroked at the waters edge. Zac played with Dominic’s hefty dick as they sucked face sexily. He tugged at ‘s dong while they kissed passionately, then moved round front to service that piece of heaven between Dominic’s legs. The sun sparkled on the surface of the water as Zac worked over Dominic’s nips, inching his way down the older gent’s toned, hairy body. Truly a / boy scenario, I was beyond turned on watching them enjoy each other’s bodies. spanked ‘s tight, juicy ass and splashed water out of the tub. Zac plopped Dominic’s thick dick in his mouth and began sucking. Zac’s bearded pup lips wrapped around the sexy head of Dominic’s raging erection and he gulped and moaned it down his throat. Dom was whispering encouragement and adulations to his good boy as he got fantastic head. He held his head and face fucked him with his big dick. Zac gobbled it up like the starving he was. He worshipped his Dom’s dong and tweaked his nips. Dominic thoroughly relished the deep-throating on the edge of the hot tub. The hungry pup devoured the dick in front of him then climbed to the concrete lip to offer up his hairy ass for eating. Dominic wasted no beat swimming up to that tasty peach and taking a bite. He stabbed his talented tongue into his ‘s hole, rimming Zac’s ass to perfection and back. One of my favorite moments came when Dominic ate Zac’s ass so good, a drip of pre cum found its way out of the bottom’s piss slit and oozed toward the hot tub. Fucking hot! Getting rimmed so good you leak pre cum! WOOF! They moved their makeout sesh to the pool’s edge on a lounger. Dry land for the wet fuck that was about to ensue. Dominic slicked his big cock with Spunk Lube, dousing Zac’s furry butt with it as well. He slid his cock across the surface, teasing the boy’s crack with his steely meat. After a test run with a couple fingers, he pushed his prick inside the sub and went to town, humping his hole fast and furious from the start. With the begging from Zac for to use his hole, Dominic did exactly that. Used it, owned it. He bent Zac over the chair and screwed him in downward , pinning the pup’s paws to the patio. Their moans and groans were electric, their sex noises superb. Zac sat on Dominic’s dick while I crawled underneath them, Zac fucking himself on that beautiful boner. His gorgeous, dark ass hair pulling with each shaft thrust. Dominic railed his boy over on the pergola. Such hot, masculine energy flowing from his body to his dick. He held Zac’s hips and humped hurriedly, burying as much of his bone inside his boy as he could. Zac loved every fucking inch of that dick. Their bushy armpits, their scruffy facial hair, nests of pubes, all so furry fantastic to see as they screwed their way toward sperming. Dominic climbed on top of Zac on the couch. mounting . He entered his hole slowly and gently, pushing his weight onto Zac. He started fucking faster, his raw rod really ramming Zac’s hole. His hips slapped into Zac’s sexy ass cheeks. Zac bellowed and whimpered. Dominic fucked like a machine, filling his boy with big, hard boner. He slammed his stiff sausage into him repeatedly, creating a rhythm they both enjoyed. So much, Dominic brought himself to climax, pulling out of Zac’s ass to blow his load across that fuzzy crack. He dumped SO much seed onto Zac’s butt, then slid his still dripping dick back inside, breeding his very good boy. Zac was in sub pup heaven, watching and feeling Dom fill his hole up with cum. He stayed inside his long enough to ensure he’d bred him completely, then it was Zac’s turn to shoot. He made out with Dominic as fingered his used, wet hole. He jerked his cock, working up a hot batch of boy batter. When he was ready to spill his nut, he hopped up and fed it to a very cum hungry Dominic. lapped up his ‘s seed, swallowing down all that delicious jizz. They kissed and shared a taste then praised each other on a scene well shot. Talk about a Hot debut. These two studs get 10 out of 10 Woofs!

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