Get a Job

Tom really thought he had seen the last of Jason. Jason had called Tom out of the blue about six months ago. He was very angry and accused Tom of some absolutely nonsensical communications. The particulars of his accusations are not important. Had they been true, Jason would have had cause to be upset. But, as we learn in this video, they were nothing but lies designed to extort money. Unfortunately for Jason, they were very poorly-crafted lies that were not only untrue but also impossible for multiple reasons.
Tom has been spanking Jason for over five years now. Jason always manages to do bad things that give Tom real reason to punish him. He’s repeatedly borrowed money and not shown up for shoots. He was stole a ride that Tom ordered from an app for Jason to come to a shoot (Jason redirected the driver to a destination that he wanted to go to instead of the spanking). Tom finds all of this frustrating, but he gets to register his frustration on Jason’s butt when he does finally come in for another spanking.
In this video, Tom orders Jason onto his knees on the couch and gives him a hard belting, hand spanking, birching and a session with the wooden spoon. Jason moans and cries out loudly from the start. If his reactions were overblown and designed to get Tom to go lighter (he swears they weren’t), his plan failed. It’s a hard session throughout.
Tom questions Jason about his ridiculous accusations. Jason admits they were designed to get money out of Tom and apologizes profusely. Of course, those apologies only manifested under the sting of repeated lashes of the belt. Tom makes it clear that if Jason, who admits to sleeping until 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. every day, needs money, he needs to get a job.
It leaves Jason quiet and subdued. The few minutes following his spankings are the only times that Jason seems serious.

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