George part 1

George is a proud young straight man. He doesn’t want anything to do with men sexually and finds the thought of being surreptitiously groped on the train by another man disgusting. It’s time to train him to not only appreciate sexual attention from other men but to crave it. He’s securely tied to render him totally helpless when a man’s hands run themselves over the fabric of his trousers cupping his balls and curvaceous bum. With a rope secured around his neck connected to his wrists he can’t even attempt to fight back without blocking his own breath. Under these restraints he must allow the greedy man to do whatever he wants to his body. His shirt is torn open to reveal his hairy masculine chest. His precious arse is explored with the same demanding attitude while the whimpering hetero must lay there and take it. For George his hole is an absolute no-go area but under these restraints his anus is opened up with a vibrator. It’s not enough for him simply to feel his arse being invaded; he’s made to inhale the rich scent of his own bumhole with the vibrator held under his nose to familiarize him with his own arse stench. The vibrator on a stick is secured between his feet with the instrument lodged in his hole and the stuck up straight boy is ordered to fuck himself. Slowly and steadily the masculine pride is being screwed out of that thick caveman head of his.

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