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"Dad Goes to College" is a hot flick that starts with a literal pissing contest between father and son – and if hunky daddy Allen Silver and sexy son Conner Habib don’t have a clear winner in this contest, then how about a jerk-off re-match?
Back to college, maybe, but it looks like these two are also back at it with another father/son hook-up – it’s definitely not the first time they’ve shared an erotic moment, from the looks of things. There’s no doubt as Conner urges Allen to show it off for him that he’s turned on by his Dad’s big cock. The scene builds to an enormously hot mutual suckoff, with Conner delivering a massive load to his Dad’s mouth.
The scene switches to a location in the woods where Conner has told his Dad men gather to help each other out, and he doesn’t mean group therapy. Here, Spike, handsome Ben Bach, and scruffy Jake Steel meet up for a three-way oral adventure, with all three on their knees at one point or another. Spike laps up Ben’s hot load when he shoots, and Jake’s right after.
Allen entices hottie Alex Andrews with a little drinking, served up by thick-dicked coach Girth Brooks. Alex pops one of those boners that are so prevalent, thanks to Allen’s hand on his knee and Girth’s story about watching his son jerk off. Girth goads Alex into showing off his cock to prove how big it is, and Alex is more than a little proud (as he should be) of his boner. It even gets him another drink, followed by a kiss and grope from Allen. Then it’s on to blowjobs, which leads to two mouthfuls of cum for Allen, and his jerk- off as a result.
This leads to a trade off of sorts between Allen and Girth – Alex’s sweet hole for coach’s jock, which Allen sniffs and then pulls on. Allen warms Alex up with rimming and fingering, but nothing can prepare Jake for Girth’s huge, wide pole, which stretches the dude to his limit. Alex makes the best sex noises I’ve heard in a while as he’s being reamed out, and Allen leans in to give him encouragement. Later, he also leans in to give Girth’s balls a lick as he’s fucking Alex. When Girth jerks off later, you can see just how much dick Alex’s little ass was handling, and it is impressive indeed.
At yet another hot cruising spot, Jake is at it yet again, stroking off in his car when bearded dude Will Swagger pulls up in his car. The two stroke their cocks and watch each other for a while, and then Jake gets out of his car while game warden Bryan Slater looks on and jerks his cock. Will’s shirt and tie get pulled aside, and his pants pulled down, so that Jake can fuck him in the back of his SUV. Both dudes cum, and then they go back to it, this time including Bryan in the action. Then another dude wanders up and Will is really busy getting his ass filled by Jake and his mouth filled with cum by Bryan and the mystery dude.
Turns out Ben is a hot professor at the university, and Dad is meeting with him, but Ben is double-booked with another student, sexy Tommy Deluca. Tommy gets naked to prepare for a play he’s in that involves nudity, and indeed Tommy has nothing to be ashamed of naked, with his thick, fatter-in-the-middle cock swaying around. Dad and Ben then help Tommy out with the big hardon he gets, and after they help him get off by taking turns sucking on him and licking his balls, the two suited men do the same for each other, by providing eye candy for each other as they each stroke their cocks to cumming. Ben’s big, swaying balls are hypnotizing as he loses it.
Ben then reams out Allen’s hole with his tongue, followed by Allen doing the same for him, just before fucking his ass. This scene is so finely directed and performed, and it builds beautifully between the two studs, from Allen’s slow initial penetration of Ben to Ben’s handsome face as he’s being fucked harder later. This is, for my money, the hottest fuck in the entire production.
In the finale, Allen takes Conner to the woods cruising place and the two finally do the nasty, after Allen warns Conner there’s no turning back. And just to make sure both parties are fully indoctrinated into dad/son sex, their fuck is versatile, with Conner taking Allen’s ass first, and then Allen, being the caring, loving Dad, licking out Conner’s hole before he plows it. Allen telling Conner he’s a good boy as he fucks him is ultra-hot, and so is the view from underneath as Allen slides slowly in and out of Conner’s pucker. In the end, Allen and Conner jerk off their combined family jewels, cumming together. Conner wets down his Dad’s junk with an especially big load of cream.
"Dad Goes to College" has much to distinguish it from most porn movies, and not just the intergenerational thing – the script is smart, the direction is on point, and the cast is great not just at sex but also at acting. It’s completely enjoyable all the way around.

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