FunSizeBoys – Joshua – Chapter 2 – Special Holiday Guest

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Release Year: 2021
Studio: FunSizeBoys
Cast: Dr. Wolf, Joshua
Genres: 69, anal, bareback, gay, kissing, oral, porn

Dr. Wolf is such a cool guy. I’ve only known him a few weeks, but we’ve really hit it off. I actually met him for the first time when I visited his office. There was an instant chemistry, we were helplessly drawn together and we ended up having sex there and then! In his office! It felt so wrong – like we were breaking every rule in the book – but that just made it all the more exciting. I don’t think anyone who saw us together would ever think there was something sexual going on. He’s older than me and more than a foot taller! Not that I’m complaining. I love tall guys. And he loves short guys. Win-win… He invited me over to his place at the start of the holidays. He lives right on the edge of town in a huge house. When I arrived, he led me straight into the sitting room. It looked real festive with a giant tree in the corner covered in beautiful lights with all sorts of presents underneath. He literally swept me off my feet as soon as we got in there and started kissing me so passionately. I was standing on tip-toes and he was sort of squatting but I was still a lot shorter! I loved how that felt. I was powerless in his arms. Powerless but somehow utterly protected. I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. And he’s such a good kisser. He was pulling my jeans down as we made out. He pretty quickly exposed my ass and had his finger in my hole and my dick out before I knew what was happening! We got naked pretty quick and I got on my knees and started to suck him. He’s one of those guys who you just want to impress. He’s so dominant and sexy – and plainly very experienced with men – so you have to work real hard to make sure you’re giving him an amazing time. I got my mouth good and wet and tried to take as much of his giant dick into my mouth as I could. He laid down on the rug and got me to squat over him so he could suck my dick while I sucked his. I’ll confess, I got hugely turned on by the sound of slurping, knowing the noises were coming because he was trying to pleasure me as much as I wanted to please him. It wasn’t long before he started to work my hole. He rammed his big rough tongue up there, before pushing his fingers in to stretch me out. There was a giant teddy bear under the tree and he pushed me onto it so that my ass was up in the air. Moments later he started to sink his giant dick into my hole. It was intense! That’s the only word I can think of to describe it. My entire body was shaking in a mixture of agony and deep, deep pleasure. I couldn’t believe how far inside me he seemed to be and how much his dick was forcing my hole apart. No one before him has ever made me feel like that. Part of me was screaming for it to stop, but most of me didn’t want it to ever end! I just loved feeling like his boy. I felt so connected to him. He turned me onto my back, made me hold my legs up, and started to fuck me really hard. His cock felt so good driving in and out of me. I just lay back, in some kind of trance, grabbed my dick, and started to jerk it until I could feel the cum rising in my balls. I shot all over my chest and ended up with a big pool of watery cum between my nipples. Dr. Wolf went harder and harder. The sight of me cumming obviously made him super horny. It felt like he was fucking the semen out of me. But he just kept going. Flinging me about to get as far as he could into me. He came inside me. Really deep into my guts. It felt amazing gushing into me. So intimate. And so so special.

Format: mp4
Duration: 35:29
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7805kbps
Audio: 314kbps

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