FS Escape, Scene 2 – Paul Wagner & Mike Martin


 It’s late afternoon, but not too late for Mike Martin and Paul Wagner to launch a successful sex fest. They kiss and grapple. Mike is anxious to begin manhandling his stud of a partner. He pulls Paul’s pants open and sucks his cock fast and excitedly, working his tongue and lips up and down the hearty shaft of Paul’s pole. The big bo-hunk, Paul, then takes his turn to excite Mike, working methodically and sensuously to really savor the meaty pleasures of his unclipped dick. Soon ready for more, Paul lays back and rests his ankles on his lover’s shoulders. Mike fucks his tight asshole, thrusting in and out in measured beats, making Paul cry out with surprised satisfaction. They fuck some more doggie style before they disengage and jerk off side by side. Paul can’t hold back and finally explodes spraying his load all over. And Mike finishes himself off, blasting equally impressive shots of spooge to match. Exhausted and content, they call it a day and kiss.

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:54
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Audio: 122kbps

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