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Release Year: 2005
Studio: Island Caprice Studios
Cast: Anurak, Ekachai, Kolawit, Pirom, Pramot, Saneh
Genres: Asian, Twinks, Oral/Anal Sex, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshot

Super-stud, Anurak, is fucked. Well, his Jeep is, and he’s stranded in the country when as luck has it Ekachai wanders by. After eying Anurak, Ekachai is just sure he has a part back at the house that will fix this gas hog and he convinces superbuns to apany him. Upon arrival, though, it’s into the shower and a mad chase for the bed and before you can say spark plug Ekachai is upon his delicious new find. Things aren’t all one sided but the Jeep is soon forgotten. Pramot chats with new cutie, Pirom, about life, satisfaction, and the meaning of sex but there’s nothing like the real thing. Pirom is most adept had devouring the stud’s big dick and the two have a solid romp. Finally, Kolawit has found Saneh at the mall and the two decide to sneak into a photo-booth. But before too many clicks the two are naked and involved and Kolawit discovers yet another big dick he has to stick up his ass. But there is much reciprocation.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:29:31
Video: 656×480, DivX 5, 1296kbps
Audio: 218kbps

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