Feel My Power vol 2 – Skybo Wrestling HD


Release Year: 2021

Feel my power II mit Claudiu und Ciprian******* Claudiu is exercising in the room, doing push ups when Ciprian is coming back from shopping. Ciprian sees the hulk working and thinkgs he needs a bit of a challenge. He places his sneaker on Claudius upper back and pushes him down. Claudiu does another three push ups under difficult conditions, then gets up. He attacks the boy. He will make Ciprian feel his power now. He fights Ciprian down to his knees, gets him in a very nasty headlock and makes him suffer for several minutes. Ciprian has no way to escape. Claudiu drives him to the sofa and lets go the hold. He forc*s the boy to do some armwrestling. Ciprian is an athletic guy as well, but he does not stand a chance against the hulk. The power house plays his game with Ciprian. Slapping into face, kicks, choking and many other submission holds get applied. Claudiu pushes Ciprian down to floor to do plenty of foot domination, and he throws him on the bed to pin him royally, including face sitting. Ciprian pays a high price for his action earlier. Claudiu sits high on Ciprians chest, arms secured with his legs, and pulls Ciprians face into his bulge to sm*ther him. He applies long held figure 4 headlocks and makes the boy suffer big time and he squeezes Ciprians head with his muscled thighs. A classic domination action with a dominator who knows how to crush boys and a victim which has an awesome athletic body but no chance against this muscle stud. Simply a must have.

Format: mp4
Duration: 54:44
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 5820kbps
Audio: 158kbps

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