Elder Nicola: Initiation – Missionary Boys – Elder Nicola

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Bareback
Video language: English

Elder Nicola had a bounce in his step. Being an inducted member of the Order gave him a sense of security and joy he could not have anticipated.

Before his calling, Nicola obsessed over impressing his superiors and standing out among his peers. He was so desperate to receive validation and be loved. In his new role, he never doubted the passion and desire the priesthood had for him.
The Brethren were very much aware of the powerful dedication Elder Nicola had in satisfying their needs. They knew he was completely submissive and would do whatever they asked of him. As a reward, they decided to bestow upon Nicola a special honor: the Second Anointing.
The quiet Ukrainian had never heard of this ritual, but was told it was a sacred rite only given to the most worthy. He readied himself with a sense of pride and solemnity. This was, of course, mixed in with a bit of excitement and lustfulness as well.
When he arrived to the Temple, he was brought to a bright, white room where Stepbrother Hales stood beside a large altar. Elder Nicola had been undressed and placed in a temple shield in preparation. Under the white cloth, he could feel his penis perk up at the sight of his blond-haired superior.
“Elder, enter,” Stepbrother Hales ordered.

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