Drew-Tied naked

Release Year: 2020

Drew is a tough construction worker who balances a hard day at the job with tipping a few back with his mates after work. He’s had his share of brawls and will muscle himself out of any fight. So as part of Drew’s submission training we make him rely on us for every breath he takes. The sexy fucker becomes so drained he’s desperate for any respite. He collapses over the discipline bench he’s tied to while Dave and Adrian get down to working over his pert arse. Continuous bare handed spanking and flogging liven him up quick making him howl for mercy. When his arse is burning red we insert an anal hook so he’s terrified that any sudden movement will rip him in half. With his arse fixed in place and his balls pegged he must use all his self control not to flail about while we get sadistic on his arse. His bum is so fucking tender that when drops of hot wax are tipped onto it every nerve in his body screams.

Drew will do anything for relief. So being presented with a cock in his face he eagerly sucks it doing everything he can to pleasure a man. He struggles desperately to deep throat it even though it makes him gag. He needs to learn to pleasure a man to the point of ejaculation so Dave rams a dildo up his tight hole. Drew wrenches open his gob so his tongue is covered in sperm and Dave lets him wash all that potent sperm down with a spray of fresh piss. Drew is left gasping for air and stinking of man fluid.

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Duration: 29:50
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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