Drew Sebastian fucks Alpha Wolfe’s asshole (720p,1080p,4K)


Cast: Alpha Wolfe, Drew Sebastian
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bareback

Convinced that new inmate Alpha Wolfe is the snitch perpetuating chatter about the warden’s sex scheme, faithful guard Drew Sebastian corners Alpha in the prison showers. Under the lukewarm water, Drew stuffs his thick cock down Alpha’s throat, gagging the bearded inmate. A particularly rough mouth-fuck doesn’t appear to be enough oral action for Officer Sebastian, who turns around and spreads his beefy ass in Alpha’s ruggedly handsome face. Alpha wants to stay on Drew’s good side, so he tongue-fucks The Officer’s musky backdoor before being braced up against the cold, tiled wall. Grabbing a bar of soap from the floor, Drew savagely cleans Alpha’s over-used asshole before plunging his raw dick deep inside. With a towel, The Officer holds Alpha down on the shower floor while he pumps his cock in and out of Alpha’s hairy butt. Drew takes it to the next level by fingering Alpha’s gaping hole before having him take a bareback ride on his massive dick. As soon as Drew hits the right spot, Alpha explodes and then kneels to take Drew’s fresh jizz all over his face. What secrets does Alpha know, and how might they impact his fellow inmates and The Warden?

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