DreamboyBondage Nigel – Anthonys Boy – Chapter 6

Anthony is amazed at the flexibility of his sweet ballet boy, Nigel. The naked youth has been hung by his wrists, legs spread parallel to the floor, for hours. Anthony continues to flog and slap the boy’s lean, smooth body and make his dick to stay painfully erect with a penis pump. Anthony knows exactly what he wants and takes it, showing no mercy for his torture boys — especially one as hot as Nigel. Despite the pain and the incredible strain on his body, Nigel’s cock remains erect when the pump is removed — and gets even harder, dripping pre-cum, as Anthony strokes it then takes it in his mouth. “I better see some cum, boy,” Anthony tells his slave, then finger-fucks him while intensifying the stroking. Nigel erupts with cum – and stays hard! He’s turning into the perfect fuck-slave – innocent, flexible, smooth as silk and full of cum.

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