DreamBoyBondage Michael Del Ray – Deviant No More – Chapter 6


Michael Del Ray is roped even more firmly to the dungeon wall. Layers of tight hemp-rope dig into his upper thighs, holding him firmly against the wall while making his ass pop even more. His body aches from earlier beatings and from being roped for hours in such an awkward position. Michael knows he is going to be fucked, but that doesn’t make it any less painful when Jared finally returns and rams a rigid “punishment dildo” deep up his ass, then twists and thrusts it back and forth and up and down, tearing at Michael’s poor anus and making him scream in agony. It is a terrible, painful violation and goes on and on. Jared finally pulls the thing out and leaves Michael hanging, collapsed. But Jared doesn’t let up. He flogs the freshly fucked frat-boy up and down his back and ass, then rubs the wounds, enjoying the feeling of pain emanating from his firm, young body.

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