DreamBoyBondage Grey Gold – Breaking In – Chapter 4 – 4K


Pool side Ryan Rose is soaking in the sun working on his tan. Sweat pools in the contours of his hard, rippled physique. Handsome Ray Han sets aside his shades, peels off his swimsuit and immerses himself into the inviting pool. The sight of Ray’s buns disappearing into the water stirs Ryan’s cock to attention. Ryan gets up and walks himself into the pool. Descending the steps, his skimpy orange trunks give a provocative view of the crack of his tight ass. Ryan’s growing hardon meets Ray’s mouth underwater, and Ray sucks on Ryan’s shaft. Ray comes up for air, and Ryan grabs hold of Ray’s buttocks and spreads them feeling for an entry point. Seeking more secure footing on land, Ryan face-fucks Ray, who gives Ryan’s balls a thorough tongue-laundering before surrendering the ass that lured Ryan’s attention in the first place. After an intense erotic fuck Ray ends up on his back. Just before he cums, he curls his abdomen into a semicircle so that he cock is aimed inches from his mouth. Ryan pulls out a shower Ray’s torso and face with cum.

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