DreamBoyBondage Cole Miller – Vengeance – Chapter 5


Young Cole Miller has learned over his year of captivity to simply absorb the abuse he suffers daily. He is alone, naked, in a cage, every day, except when he is “visited” by men who pay to fuck him, which happens daily, sometimes two or three times a day. He knows men like to fuck his mouth and his ass and he obliges them, drifting off in his own mind as he sucks dick or is fucked. But today is different. Today he is fucked by a machine. Noah Evans laughs to himself as Cole comes out of his stupor, his asshole jack-hammered by a powerful fuck-machine nonstop for an hour. Then Noah pushes the thing in even deeper and fucks Cole even harder as he slaps then whips his fuck-slave’s perfect ass cheeks, covering them with deep, red welts as they vibrate with the rhythm of the fucking. Cole moans and gasps like a wounded boy, driving Noah wild with desire.

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