Dirty Scout Vol. 221


Studio: Dirty Scout

Michal came to my office tired of his current occupation. He worked in health care and the job was getting more and more depressing. He also worked as a part-time fitness instructor and a masseur. That got me really interested. I was feeling tension in my neck so I asked him to show me his skills. He was great. Now to get rid off the tension in my crotch… The guy liked the fitness trainer job I found him and after a moment of hesitation he let me take care of our mediation fee. I just wanted him to try some of his masseur skills on my cock. He was quite good. This athletic looking dude knew how to touch a man. His dong got hard fast and it was a sight to behold. It was almost as big as mine. To my surprise, he struggled when I tried to fuck his beautiful ass. Not enough practice, I guess. At least not yet…

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