Derek Parker Gets Double Stuffed

Studio: Dirtytony

My new favorites Paul, Derek, and Timo have a penchant for basketball. As theyre watching the game, they notice that one of the players cock is running loose in his shorts. They start talking about how big it is and Timo notices his own cock getting hard. Dereks in the middle of the other two and starts grabbing his friends dicks through their pants. I remember from the first time I met Derek, that he wanted to try getting two cocks in his ass at the same time. His buddies seem like theyre up for the challenge. He pulls Timos dick out of his pants and goes to town sucking. Paul whips his out and Derek reaches back to stroke it; all the while still slobbering away on Timos stiffy. When Derek leans to the other side to slurp on Paul, Timo takes the opportunity to go after Dereks cock, not before he sneaks in a few sucks on Pauls dick. Paul goes in for some of Dereks dick while Timo licks the ball sweat from Dereks furry scrotum. The threesome takes it into the bedroom for a little more cocksucking before Derek gets on all fours for some pounding. Timo slides his cock into Dereks hole while his mouth is full of Pauls thick ginger cock. After a few minutes, the tops give each other the Eiffel Tower and spin Derek around to use his other holes. Timo says its time to double stuff Derek and they flip him onto his side. Paul slides in first, then Timo plunges his cock into the same hole. As they split his boy hole wide open, Derek moans at the top of his voice, begging to be ripped apart. Timo pulls out and shoots a river of jizz onto Dereks beard while Paul continues to rail his ass. Cum begins to ooze, then squirt from Dereks cock onto his fur covered abs. Finally Paul pulls out and paints the other side of Dereks face, cum dripping down his neck and onto his tattooed hairy chest.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:31
Video: 960×540, VP6F, 1800kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 274.5 MB