Deflowering Da’Juan – Da’Juan ,Shyne

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Release Year: 2009
Genres: Big Dick ,Black-Only ,Cherry-Popping ,Condom ,First Times ,Gay/Bisexual ,Tops Taken Down
Video language: English

When da’juan showed up for his solo "audition," he swore he’d never let another guy fuck him. He didn’t want me or anyone else even looking at his ass, let alone touching or licking or playing with it. Hell, he even refused to spread his cheeks and show off his asshole!But i never take "no" for an answer, and every "strict top" has a price! It wasn’t easy, but i finally talked da’juan into giving up his anal virginity to shyne – and letting me capture his first time on camera! This is "reality porn" at its best, folks. It’s not every day that you get to watch a hung black "top" like da’juan take a dick up his ass for the very first time! And if da’juan losing his cherry isn’t hot enough for you, stick around to see shyne return the favor by giving up his own tight blatino-thug butt!I briefly interview shyne and da’juan as they sit tensely side-by-side on my futon just minutes after meeting each other for the very first time. I ask da’juan about his decision to give up his ass for the very first time. "i ain’t scared," he insists. "but i ain’t too thrilled about it."The boys break the ice with some awkward kissing and slowly take off each other’s clothes. Then they take turns sucking each other’s dicks (this is da’juan’s first and only time giving head on camera)….During a break from the hot oral action, shyne and i offer da’juan some words of advice to help him prepare for the challenge of taking dick for the very first time. Shyne is in an unusually playful and silly mood, and you can tell he’s excited about being the first person to fuck da’juan’s tight virgin hole. It’s also funny the way he teases and coaches da’juan through his first time getting fucked.Da’juan decides he wants to get the "worst part" over with before moving on to anything else. He crawls reluctantly onto his stomach, clutches a pillow, and braces himself for the invasion to come. Shyne moves in behind da’juan and pries apart the virgin’s firm, round buttocks with his rock-hard dick. Da’juan’s body tenses defensively as shyne pokes the tip of his dick against the tightly-clenched hole that until now has been strictly off-limits…..

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