Darren part 11

In order to properly train this head-strong hetero he must be first placed in the most excruciating bondage making him submissive. Bound with his arms behind his back and his cock and balls tied to his toes he struggles to move without causing himself the most intense pain. His great big ‘s balls are tied so tight they hang like ripe fruit ready for plucking. Bent over his tight resistant hole is vulnerable to any man who wants to come along and screw his fucking brains out. With the gag in his mouth great big drops of saliva leak out of his mouth and he’s made to drip them onto the big stiff cock that’s about to screw him. Adrian thrusts into him and makes his fucking extremely drawn out and deep. For a proud straight man like this every second of this treatment feels like an eternity. So the fact that his tight man’s cunt is fucked for an extremely long time is pure unadulterated hell for him. Having been cruelly pounded, he has a foolish brief thought that his subjugation is over. But with the ball gag removed his mouth is put to its proper use as it’s quickly filled with the big stiffy that was so recently shoved up his arse. His throat is fucked raw as the hard insistent cock is rammed down him so much so that his lunch is brought up. That’ll properly teach the cunt what he’s good for.

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