Dalton’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! This video marks the first time Dalton has been touched by a man. Dalton is our second new model this month. Dalton is a hot, hung 22-year-old straight surfer boy who agreed to come in for a spanking. He agreed to do a jerkoff video for our other site (RedHotStraightBoys) immediately before this spanking, which he did. But when the time came for this spanking, Dalton said he only wanted to do the jerkoff video.
This has happened before, and it always presents a problem. Sometimes the boys say they hadn’t understood they were agreeing to be spanked, or they just act like backing out of the spanking and still getting paid is an option. It’s sometimes difficult to know whether the boy is sincere or is just trying to get out of being spanked. Perhaps they know what’s coming and they’re just trying a "Hail Mary" play to avoid being spanked, or maybe they came into the shoot planning to try to back out. In this case, no matter what he claimed, Dalton knew he had clearly agreed to be spanked long before he showed up for this shoot.
Tom makes it very clear in advance when the boys are agreeing to be spanked. If that hasn’t been made clear, if the spanking is something Tom offers at the last minute (as was the case with "Jake Sander’s First Spanking" and "Justin Bennett Paddled on the Bench"), the boys are free to decline it. Of course, even if they have agreed to the spanking, they can always back out. But if they back out after having agreed to it, the entire shoot is off and they don’t get paid. Aaron White is another example of a boy who, like Dalton, made noises about backing out but then chose to take his spanking because he wanted to get paid ("Aaron’s First Spanking").
In this video, Tom spanks Dalton by hand, with a ruler, two leather slappers and a belt. It’s the worst spanking of Dalton’s life, as he tells Tom at the end of the video. He said he might come back, but Tom isn’t holding his breath.

Format: mp4
Duration: 12:32
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4794kbps
Audio: 178kbps

File size: 457.2 MB

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