Czech Tales. Part 1,2

Year: 2007
Genre: European guys: the Czechs, a Russian, sex in condoms, oral sex, masturbation, mild BDSM, peeping
Length: 2ch.06 min.
Directed by: Rolf Hammerschmidt / Rolf Hamershmidt
Studio: Falcon (International Studios)

Starring: Boris Sacharov, Enzo Bloom, Marcio Gonzales, Dario Dulce, Dominik Trojan, Denis Reed, Rusty Smith, Ben Eastboy, Nicolas Santos and Tibor Cernan.
Description: Boris Sacharov and Jerry Harris – For Boris and Jerry, nothing can beat being lost in one another. The familiarity of their bodies only magnifies their carnal sensations and they sear themselves into each other’s flesh.
Denis Reed, Rusty Smith and Boris Sacharov – Boris tries to in his hotel room but noises from the neighboring room pique his curiosity. Through the keyhole he spies bondage master Denis Reed putting his boyslave Rusty Smith through his paces. Boris follows the disciplined action while excitedly spanking his monkey.
Boris Sacharov and Jerry Harris – Arghhhhhhhh! When will this end? Boris is so fucking horny he can’t help but think about plowing Jerry’s bubblebutt, ramming his stiff hard boner up his partner’s asshole again and again and again.
Ben Eastboy, Dario Dulce and Boris Sacharov – It’s morning and the coffee’s perculatin ‘but Dario would rather forget the croissants and chow down on Ben’s sausage and eggs. After their frenetic carnal breakfast, they race out and in their haste almost run Boris down. Pissed off, Boris eyes them thinking how much fun it would be to just fuck the bejesus outta them.
Boris Sacharov and Enzo Bloom – Boris is lost, naked and hopelessly irresistable when Enzo swoops in for the kill. The two big-dicked studs quickly lose themselves in one another’s embraces, kisses, cocks, balls, assholes.
Dominik Trojan, Marcio Gonzales and Dario Dolce – Boris and Enzo go to the local bar for a bottle of wine and soon witness an arousing floor show put on by Marcio and Dario. The two horndogs carry on unashamedly, soon joined by barkeep Domink Trojan who knows how to shake his stick, shoving it high up into the boys’ primed asscracks.
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Czech Tales 2

Year: 2008
Genre: Gay Porn
Length: 107 minutes
Directed by: Rolf Hammerschmidt
Studio: Falcon

Cast: Ben Eastboy, Boris Sacharov, Enzo Bloom Tibor, Cernan Nicolas Santos, Thomas Barton
Description: a new movie studio Falcon will please fans of the young telaBoris Sacharov is a man on a mission. Picking up where we left off in Czech Tales, Part 1, Boris is still consumed with finding his true love and our heartsick hero gradually learns that the search for the elusive Jakub is presenting him with more of a challenge to than he expects. But more importantly, Boris realizes that with whatever distractions that fall his way, they will never deter him from his quest.
Quality: DVDRip
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Audio: 48 kHz 2 ch 128.00 kbps avg MPEG Layer 3
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