Czech Hunter Ep. 553 1080p


Today I stumbled upon a real strange guy. I found him masturbating over some girls that were changing clothes on the other side of a river. He didn’t spot me at first, so I got everything on camera. He got very upset when I approached him and started asking about his pervy hobby. It was really funny. I didn’t want to lecture him; he was just a dude full of sexual energy. I’m not exactly a saint, either. The guy was cute and ripped so I didn’t waste time and offered him a way to make money and satisfy his urges. He agreed and we fucked on a nice valley overlooking vista. It was all very romantic. There was a road just behind us, so I hope that not that many people saw us. The guy was a bit nervous about it, but I wasn’t in the mood for hiding today. I wanted a good fuck and I got it.

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