CollegeBoyPhysicals Mikey Allens, Kai Neolani – Bro My Jock Strap Is Too Tight


I wouldn’t have said anything but the jock that coach gave me was so tight it was cutting into me and making my sides raw…personally I think it’s cause my dick was too big for the pouch but anyways…he assigned one of my team mates to take me to the clinic for some ointment and a look-see. Mikey’s a really cool guy and showed me around campus but I never thought he’d show me what a freak he was. After comparing jockstraps..I saw him eyeing me up and down..although it didn’t make me feel uncomfortable it certainly made me raise an eyebrow…especially when he started touching around my pouch.
Well…next thing I know my dick is in his mouth and it’s rock hard. Never sucked a dick before but he insisted it’s just team bonding…well…we bonded alright…with my dick up his tight butt
hole! I could feel his ass grip my dick as I thrusted it in and out…and his whimpers as I pounded him made it that much more taboo and exciting. Never did that with a guy before…and something tells me it won’t be my last time.

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