ColbyKnox – Troy Accola Dicks Down Levi Hatter 720p


Release Year: 2021
Studio: ColbyKnox
Cast: Troy Accola, Levi Hatter
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Gay, Oral, Porn

Today’s video has site favorites Troy Accola and Levi Hatter, filming together for the first time. After cameraman Mickey Knox gets the proper pronunciation of Troy’s last name, Mickey wonders about past sexual conquests. "I finally talked my way into filming with someone I wanted to work with for a long time," Troy explains. He doesn’t name the studio or scene partner, but he’s pleased with the results. "I wanted that scene when I first started porn and I finally got to do it," he continues. With Levi, he’s all about sharing and learning. "Just learning a new kink and trying it for the first time is always fun. Finding someone to experience that with you is always fun." He shares that now he is into armpit play, receiving and giving. "I would do both," Levi confesses. "The manly scent. The carnal nature of it all." Mickey adds that armpits wasn’t a thing for him until he started webcamming. "Our fans love it," Mickey says. "And now I love it." When it comes to body parts, Troy is about the booty. For Levi, it’s the eyes. “It doesn’t matter if you are topping or bottoming,” Levi notes. “To look into somebody’s eyes and to be able to see their intent. Whether it’s ‘I’m going to destroy your ass’ or ‘I’m going to make sure this is pleasurable for you.’ Just those looks always get to me." All of this sexy talk leads to the right place. Levi and Troy kiss. It’s a slow and passionate make out session. We can hear Levi’s heavy breathing. He nibbles on Troy’s nipple, eventually working to Troy’s smooth stomach. When Levi pulls down Troy’s shorts, Troy’s tool is ready to play. Levi licks the shaft. Then he opens his mouth, swallowing the meat. Levi gets to the base. When he comes up for air, Troy gives him a gentle kiss. Levi returns to slobbering on Troy’s pole. Troy is interested in Levi’s backside. He grabs a cheek, kneading the flesh. Then Troy puts his hands at the back of Levi’s head and pushes down. Levi licks up all the drool coating Troy’s shaft. "Sit on my face," Troy whispers after the two kiss some more. Levi likes this idea. He places his ass in front of Troy. First Troy nibbles a cheek. Then he tongues Levi’s hole. "God. Your tongue feels so good," Levi murmurs. Troy licks the hole, getting it slick with spit. Levi returns to where he started. Blowing Troy. "Can I sit on this." Levi asks. "Oh, yeah," Troy replies. Levi lubesTroy’s tube. He grabs it and gently puts it in his hole. Bare. Troy waits a few seconds, letting Levi get used to the size. Then he grabs both cheeks and slowly pumps up. "Goddamn. Oh, fuck," Levi moans. He must be feeling good because his own dick is hard. He bounces up and down. "God. Your cock is so big," Levi says. "Your hole is so tight," Troy replies. Levi’s johnson points to the ceiling and we can hear it slap against his stomach. The boys change positions. Levi gets on his side and Troy saddles up behind him. Once he’s back inside Levi, Troy fucks to the balls. "Feels so good," Levi whispers. He gets on his back for the last round. Troy spits in the dicked down hole to give it more lubrication. "Oh, my God. You are so deep," Levi says. He beats his meat as Troy hammers away. "Give it to me," Levi mutters. Troy does so, handing out long strokes. The room is filled with the sound of skin against skin. Levi busts first, his load landing on his arm, stomach, and the couch. Troy doesn’t pull out. He keeps fucking. Eventually he deposits his juicy cum on Levi’s stomach and dick. "Goddamn," cameraman Mickey says at the video’s end.

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:35
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3215kbps
Audio: 122kbps

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