ColbyKnox – Couch Co-Op With Vincent O’Reilly 720p

Release Year: 2021
Studio: ColbyKnox
Cast: Colby Chambers, Vincent O’Reilly
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Gay, Oral, Porn

Vincent O’Reilly, all tempting in a T-shirt and shorts, walks in and says hello. Colby’s mind is elsewhere. "Sorry, dude," he finally says. "Zoned in. Working on my rankings for months on this tournament." "Cool. You feel like doing anything else," Vincent asks. He gets no answer. As he puts down a backpack, it’s clear Vincent has his eyes on Colby’s cock. Well, it’s clear to us. Vincent must of walked in all horned up because there’s a mighty bulge in his shorts. As he strokes himself, Vincent looks down and notices Colby’s meat is peeking through the underwear. "Is this game going to take all your time or what," Vincent wonders. Apparently it will. Vincent doesn’t care how many brackets Colby has to play. After sitting on the couch, he caresses Colby’s legs and puts a hand on the gamer’s dick. "That’s not going to help," Colby notes. "Sorry. It’s just out there for me to touch," Vincent explains. He tells Colby to "multitask," placing that hefty piece of meat in his mouth. Colby keeps playing as Vincent’s expert tongue gets the job done. "You’re not making this easy," Colby explains. "Sorry. I can’t help myself," Vincent retorts. "I’m warning you. I want to play." Vincent comes up for air and takes off his clothes. "You sure you don’t want to play with me," he asks. "I will later," Colby answers. That’s not the reply Vincent wants. He puts his sweet ass in Colby’s lap, grinding on Colby’s cock. "I think this is helping my game," Colby says. Vincent has had enough. He lubes up Colby’s johnson and sits right on it. "So good," Colby whispers. Vincent goes up and down on that shaft, riding Colby like there’s no tomorrow. "You still want to keep playing your game," Vincent asks as he takes all of Colby. Give Colby credit. That backside is working its magic, but he isn’t placing the game aside. There’s only so much he can take. He eventually shoots a stream of juice in Vincent’s hole. That does the trick, forcing Colby to finally put down the console. "That cost me months of play," Colby groans. "Get up. I’m going to rail you out." Vincent doesn’t complain. He places his chest on the coffee table, offering his cum filled ass for another load. "Give me that fucking ass now," Colby orders. He slips his shaft back in, making sure to go right to the balls. "This is what you wanted," Colby asks. Vincent moans are the answers to the question. He takes every stroke, no matter the speed. "You were thirsty for dick," Colby says. "Oh, yeah," Vincent whimpers. Colby orders Vincent back on the couch. This time on his back. Colby leans in for a kiss but his johnson doesn’t leave Vincent’s hole. Vincent grinds his cheeks on Colby. All this fucking pushes Vincent to the edge. He pops a load; the first stream hitting the middle of his smooth stomach. Colby takes some more strokes before pulling out. His juice lands on Vincent’s hand. The boys exhale and there’s a moment when we all expect a post-fuck kiss. However, the game is back on and Colby’s attention is elsewhere. "Whatever," Vincent says. "I got what I wanted." "Get me a towel," Colby asks. Vincent says he will. Hopefully he forgets and "ruins" Colby’s gaming one more time.

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:34
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3124kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 538.1 MB

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