Colby And Mickey Adventures Abroad


Studio: Colbyknox

Consider this ColbyKnox update a travelogue. It starts with husbands Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox in a Japanese airport. They are on their way to Krung Thep Maha Nakon aka Bangkok. American airports have a lot to learn from Japanese airports, Colby says. He shares a view of the lounge. Comfortable seats. Food. Top shelf booze. Were not sure if we are supposed to be here, Colby explains. We didnt ask. We were just like a oooh, a lounge. Were hungry. We kind of just walked in. They get on a plane, share a kiss, arriving at their final destination.Hey guys, Mickey announces. We just arrived in Thailand. Check out the view. Its a high-rise panorama. Look at that, Mickey explains. Im just shocked at how beautiful this city is. We view the citys highlights from the perspective of the two studs, including river canals and rooftop dinners. All of that sightseeing makes the two horny (as vacations always do). They end up, naked, on the balcony of their room. Colby sits in a chair. Mickey is in front of him, on his knees. They make out before Mickey swallows all of Colbys cock. He grabs Mickeys head, guiding him down to the pubes. Colby face fucks Mickey, who loves it all because his rod is hard enough to beat a drum. Mickey comes up for air, stroking his meat. Hes bringing his man to the edge. Colbys whole body is convulsing. He finally looses a load. Mickey swallows it all, letting the juice dribble out of his mouth. He licks his fingers and Colbys cum covered head. He stands up, fucking Mickeys face some more. This is exactly what Mickey needs. He stands up and jerks a copious load on Colbys pubes. After a smooch, the studs are back at traveling through the city. We see dancers at a club, doing a combination of gymnastics and hip-hop. After some moments on a beach, the boys return to the balcony. Colby loves to face fuck his man. Hes also a fan of Mickeys ass. Mickey stands up, puts lube in his hole, and Colbys slab of beef. Mickey turns around, grabbing his thighs. When Colby pushes inside, Mickey groans. Colby fills his man to the balls. The hole is tight but Mickey wants every inch. The speed picks up. Mickey strokes his tool as his booty is wrecked. He arches his back to give Colby better access and get a kiss. Colby smacks those cheeks as he fucks. That tight hole gets Colby every time. He floods Mickeys insides with a second load, pulling out to make sure Mickeys hole and cheeks are glazed. Mickey turns around, kissing Colby. Mickey jerks his dick. Colby turns around so Mickey can bust on his buns. Mickey loves that view and pumps man juice on Colbys back and butt cheek. Mickey licks up his lost juice, sticking out his tongue to show how tasty it is. The video ends with Colby and Mickey kissing as they sit at a table.

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