CM – Jason Windsor & Trent Marx Serviced

Jason stayed an extra day to give Trent Markx a blow-job. We thought that Trent might not suck dick initially, but of course once I interviewed him, I knew he wanted to suck a cock to get-off.
Trent is an eager cocksucker, so he started by sucking on Jason’s big dick. That got Trent hard, and Jason returned the favor.
They sucked each other 69, and then Jason stood so Trent could suck on his dick and suck him until Trent came. We added a butt-plug for Jason in hopes he would shoot his load, but neither liked the position.
So, they went back to laying side by side, and once Trent was laying on his back with a cock in his face, he literally busted in seconds. I think Jason just didn’t think he could catch-up, so we stuck with the new guy busting his nut.
Jason was not completely out of the game, as he licked up and ate Trent’s load!

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