CM – Jason Windsor & Max Blaxx Raw

I was eager to get Max Blaxx back in the studio. I knew I had to find a Bottom that could handle his big dick. And Jason Windsor is such a powerful performer and was eager to play with Max and scale Mount Everest that is his cock. They start by making out and then Jason Windsor slides down and sucks Max until he is bone hard. His dick of course, grow exponentially! Max Blaxx returns the favor and looks a bit awkward at first. He hasn’t sucked a lot of dick. But it turns out it was just the angle. They 69-suck with Max on top, and he looks like a pro and he is loving it! He even pulled Jason Windsor’s legs up and rimmed his hole, something he was not sure he would like, but I think we have a convert here. He continues to rim later in the video, getting Jason ready for his huge cock. We did stop and took a break to do photos for what they had done and were likely to do later. We popped Jason Windsor’s cherry during the photos, and that really helped Jason take it when we started filming again. It still took Jason a bit to accommodate his dick. Max Blaxx has a such a long dick, that he often has to keep a thumb down at the base and it sometimes bends. One of those long-dicked guys that doesn’t have internal support. But geez, he really fucks the hell out of Jason! The ending was a really nice surprise and is unusual for my videos. Jason Windsor came a bit soon, but it turned out perfect. Max Blaxx is fucking Jason Windsor on his back, and I got underneath to show the penetration. I then came up and wrapped my arms around Max’s torso, getting a really nice POV of him fuck Jason. He is stroking Jason’s cock, and the next thing I know, Jason is busting his load! I know this shot is easily accomplished while filming with a phone, but it is tougher with my bigger cameras, and multiple cameras that might include me in the shot. We still managed two angles of his cum shot. Max Blaxx easily busted a nut, breeding Jason Windsor like a pro. Jason flips around and cleans his big black uncut cock that gave him so much good pain and pleasure!

Format: mp4
Duration: 32:34
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 11787kbps
Audio: 114kbps

File size: 2.8 GB