ChaosMen – Griffin & Kai

Finally foot fetish fans have a new champion! Kai mentioned he was into guy’s feet, and also likes having his feet worshipped. Thankfully I had set him up with Griffin who is pretty much down to try anything.

The two begin by making out, and Griffin quickly moves to suck on Kai’s cock. Kai loved seeing his cock go all the way down Griffin’s throat.

A little re-arranging and Griffin soon has his foot near Kai’s face. That’s all it too for the foot sucking to begin! I have seen some foot fetish stuff before; usually the guys are paid to do it and don’t always appear enthusiastic. But with Kai, you can tell he is truly in pure rapture sucking on Griffin’s toes.

Griffin’s foot is firmly planted in his mouth while Griffin strokes his cock. Griffin starts to work on Kai’s foot also, so Kai takes over stroking himself. Wow! You can tell Kai is having the best time ever!

They move on to sucking each other’s cocks, and based on the way Kai fucks Griffin’s face, he has got to be an amazing Top!

Kai gets up right to properly throat fuck Griffin. He tries to cum that way, but needs a foot in his mouth to get him over the top. Sucking on his toes to the last second, he unloads into Griffin’s mouth.

Griffin busts his load seconds later. Griffin starts eating his load, but Kai wants a taste so they share a cummy kiss!

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