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[PRISM – OSUINRA] Sexy Guys Make Love at Hot Springs

As the title tells, sex in the hot spring has been the main feature of this video. See the players wash their bodies in the hot spring, then continue with erotic kissing until the dicks are heated up, followed with wet licking of each other bodies, and ended with Masaki Koh fucking his partner in the hot spring! The video also feature a 3P. See the muscular players having sex, fucking each other in the hot spring.

Adnis Selection 36

Some more good looking Asians from Adris…still have a few more…this is all for tonight here in Thailand!! File name: 001as_1vid_0708.wmv Duration : 00:54:02 Resolution : 640×480 File Size : 792.28 MB Video : VC-1 (WMV3), 1 975 Kbps, 29.970 fps File size: 792.2 MB

ICS – Heartthrobs and Hotsauce

Super studpuppies Den and Phatom are playing a very ‘adult’ game of hide-and-seek when Den is found up a tree with a superb erection. Not to be outdone, Phatom displays his burgeoning slab and the two decide to descend before they fall out of the branches. Once on the ground, they paw and grapple in a delicious display of discovery.

[COAT] Number 1 – Top Runner

The latest series from COAT, “NUMBER”, starts! Looks fearless, was overtaken only active athlete trained to perfection! Read the first time impotently pleasure, as the video expose the silliness straight. Nantes ass is so pleasant. Goggle man with the cock of 18 cm (!!) is mercilessly thrust spree! Feel the sex and hear the pain of the scream! The muscle is emphasized that every twist was exciting! File size: 1.1 GB

[COAT] Number 5 – Top Runner 2

COAT is back with the fifth video under the NUMBER series. This time, expect the race between TOP RUNNER VS ATHLETE – dreams co-star double top! Active sportsmen, in mercilessly exploiting ejaculates cock, evolving bodies! See how the players are fucked in a humiliating position

[COAT] Number 4 – Top Athlete

TOP ATHLETE AND “REAL” STUD! The fourth video of COAT’s Number series features a number of rugby players! See the top athletes careful to work only to discipline themselves beyond the limits! Reality series continue to stick to active athlete! Sex training challenge is that he dug with a digging steel PERFECT BODY, toward the ultimate pleasure beyond the pain. See how these players are trained to masturbate and fuck in the ass

[COAT] Number 6 – Ace Striker

Watch the full length anal! The keen athlete put their heart into traning. Contrary to their single-mindeness, rutting body acts as pleases. Do not miss the erotic abs fetish! Athletes meet our intense bucks in heat! See how the ass is exploited, followed by a attack of the body to the limit

[COAT] Number 8 – Surf Patrol

The super sexy Tsu has committed to a thorough body of trained lifeguards at the beach! See how he is being fucked during the Lifesaving Competition interview, with an erection! The staff is also a must to use obscene hip wrestling? Rather than calling it a lifeguard training, it’s actually a sex slave training – oral, anal, etc.

[COAT WEST] Conquest 01 – Ryoma

This is the first popular model from the COAT WEST collection, featuring the super hot Ryoma! See Ryoma in action – jerking, oral sex, anal sex, even SM – peerlessly swinging the “gun”! The video also covers his action in “Smart 3”, where he first take off the first tangle, “Smart 4”, where he drills the thick waist fuck, etc. There’s also a scene where he plays with a woman, from the “Straight Style 1”.

[COAT] Number 10 – Champions League

The 10th video of the NUMBER series features only top athletes! See the lacrosse players fresh cock, his first anal penetration, with the tears of joy – the true meaning of unawares pleasure! Continue with the distorted pleasure of the tall football player! Seriously man shot in the ass! Be part of a mutual pride in the field digging hard muscle! ! Do not miss the the intensely erotic hip! ! File size: 1.0 GB

[COAT WEST] Conquest 02 – Hayato

This is the 2nd video of the most popular model of the COAT WEST collection, featuring the hottest cutie, Hayato. The video has been covering his actions in many videos, such as “Smart 1”, where it was the first video of Hayato, “Smart 2” where is hung digging goggles cancer in man, “Smart 3” where he has been concentrated in the main model, “Straight Style 1” where he was dug in reverse anal strap on mistress in, “VERSUS” as well as “Re: D 2” where he is placed in the milk enema, and at most large jet! Packed tightly into a single locus of HAYATO! File size: 1.9 GB

[COAT WEST] Conquest 04 – Takuma

This is the forth video of the COAT WEST Top Model Collection series, starring popular athlete model “TAKUMA”! The sex scenes have been covering the work of Takuma from “WEST GATE 1”, his very first video, “Winner 3” where he mates with another guy, “MANIAC 1” where he has been turned into a sex slave, “Scooop!!! the BUKKAKE EXTRACT” – his first experience to cum on bulk, as well as “Straight Style 2” showing him fucking a girl. Full coverage all appearances part! Now revive the charm of TAKUMA! File size: 1.9 GB

[COAT WEST] Conquest 03 – Koichi

This video is the third video of the COAT WEST top model collection. This time around, the video features still the most popular deep-rooted “KOICHI”, finally! The video features the sex scenes from “Smart 2”, “Smart 5”, as well as “Straight Style 1”. Recording debut with a serious boyfriend tangled take off first series of masturbation from “Smart 2”, and from “Smart 5”, love sweet sex with Meromero’s exciting! And from “Straight Style 1”, completely covered all the works to launch two precious KOICHI appeared unable to settle for a horny female teacher tutoring

[Island Caprice Studios] – Bedroom Boxing

Chiseled Karan is punching away at the air when he receives some unsolicited tips from his bedroom buddy, Choochart. That doesn’t go over too well and the stud decides to prove who knows more about boxing by pummeling his sex slave. It’s all in good fun and in no time these solid specimens find sucking and fucking each other to be much more satisfying.

[Justice Bankxy] – Unfair 01

エボリューションイヤーに相応しく、JUSTICEがさらに進化する!![淫猥][卑劣][背徳]はそのままに、成熟した[大人の雄×大人の雄]のマジ種 生交尾を余すところなくお見せします!快楽の為ならルールも犯す!ガチンコ悶絶地獄3時間56分!![大人JUSTICE]をコンセプトに、新レーベル [UNFAIR]遂に誕生! [興樹編] 唇を合わせ舌を絡め、ジャケットとYシャツ、そして理性と言う名の仮面を剥ぎ取ると、そこに現れたのは雄を求める本性。ガマンできず に、自ら相手のペニスをくわえ込むと、呼応するかのように自分のモノも勃起させる。「オレも舐めて欲しい…」緩急をつけたトロけるようなフ��ラに我を忘 れ、先端からヌメヌメした汁をイヤラしく光らせる…。と同時に、アナルを指でズブズブ弄られて…。1本…2本…。従順に受け入れる興樹。「あっ…」と漏れ た吐息を合図に肉棒を生でねじ込まれる!驚きと衝撃に一瞬顔を歪めるが、すぐに快楽の波に飲み込まれる。盛りのついた雄マンは、激しく突かれるたびにグ チュグチュと卑猥な音を立て、「もっと!もっと!!」と懇願する。終始ビンビンに勃起したままの興樹の硬チンは堪らず2度も白濁汁を放出させる!!最後は 白目むくほど本気で感じる興樹のトロトロになった腸壁目がけて、大量の濃厚ザーメンを発射され…!ヒクヒクと息づくアナルからドロりと溢れ出た雄汁は淫猥 そのもの! [俊太編] 発情リーマン俊太が本性剥き出し快感を貪る!シックスナインでお互いの肉棒をしつこいほどしゃぶり合う…。 すでに臨戦体勢の俊太。ガマンできないワガママな淫穴に、まずはバイブをズブリと突っ込む。卑猥に拡張したケツマンを、今度は生棒が激しくかき回す!その 度に、そそり勃った欲棒がゆさゆさと揺れる様はエロいの一言!アナルを攻められ、血管が怒張するほどギンギンに勃起たモノを容赦なくしごきあげると、特濃 精子を噴出させたが、まだまだ許してはもらえない…。永遠とも思えるほど長く、深く突かれまくる俊太!信じられないほどの快感に喘ぎ声も熱を帯びる…。問 答無用の種交尾でアナルいっぱいに受け止めたザーメンは、パックリと開いた肛門から、ドロドロと止めど無く溢れ出た! [和弘編] ねっとり と絡み付くキスから始まる禁断遊戯!イケてる容姿からは想像もできないほど、貪欲に雄を求める真性淫乱の和弘は、待ちきれず上の口で雄竿を美味しそうに頬 張る。お返しに下の口をバイブでほじくると、今はまだ硬く閉じられたアナルも徐々にほぐれ、バイブを丸飲み!十分にほぐれたケツマンに、ガン勃ちした肉棒 をズブりと突き刺す!痛みが走る!苦悶の表情を見せるも、それはすぐに快感へと変わって…。雄交尾がもたらす、あり得ないほどの快感と本モノの絶頂を知っ た和弘…。最後はトロマンからドクドクとザーメンを垂れ流しながら、しばし放心の和弘…。もう後戻りできない!出し惜しみ無し!ガチンコ激生種雄交尾 3  時 間 5 6 分! ! File size: 1.7 GB

[Acceed] – Shotacon

Shotacon from Acceed, features young Japanese boys / twinks dressed up to look younger. Uniforms, school-boys, rape, anal, safe, dildos. The word Shotacon in Japanese has a few definitions, such as ‘postpubescent (adolescent or adult) characters with youthful features that would make them appear to be younger than they are’ or ‘describes someone with an attraction to young boys’ File size: 867.7 MB