Can-Am Productions – House of Detention


Gentlemen, House Of Detention is 2-1/2 hours of fuck and suck muscle B&D that you’ll want in your coffin with you. First, a little background on Hod’s musclestar Master Van Darkholme. Mvd is L.A.’s premiere professional top and B&D performance artist. And Hod is MVD’s first video in which he’s both director and Master. Eurasian gorgeous, Mvd has double the looks and double the body of Bruce Lee. Co-starring hot Czech muscle bottoms Jirka and Jarda; hotbodies Erik Michaels, Duncal Mills, and Joshua Scott; plus three of MVD’s personal muscle slaves. Following is what MvD does to his beefcake cadre, and what Hod delivers to you for 2-1/2 hours (in no specific order): bondage, flogging, gut punching, single and double dildo action, streetware/leather/latex/gym gear, jock strap and 2-on-1 wrestling, obedience training, choke holds, muscle worship, gang bang, blindfolds and hoods, wet T’s and briefs, shower orgy, breath control, paddling, electricity, nipple clamps, cock and ball bondage, abrasion, gags, rip-stripping, rimming, sling fucking, saran wrap plus tape body wrapping, clothes pinning, latex body vacuum, douching, foot washing and worshiping to climax, , three circle jerks, more cum shots than you can count, and a slave revolt during which Master Darkhome gets ganged, overpowered, spreadeagled, beaten up, and jacked off on by his own slaves. Co-directed by Matthew Moore, House Of Detention stands shoulder to shoulder with the B&D classics "Born to Raise Hell," "The Wild Ones," "Steel Dungeon(s)," and "Fallen Angel(s)." Beautifully produced from Can-Am, B&D video action fantasy just doesn’t get better than House Of Detention.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:29:35
Video: 512×384, XviD, 522kbps
Audio: 78kbps

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